What is partnering with you like?

Imagine a time when you’re asked, “So how are things going with Amazon?” When you partner with us, your response to that question is sure to be, “Amazing! We’ve partnered with a brand management company and have seen phenomenal growth! The best part, we don’t have to know or do anything with Amazon. They have taken over everything for us and we have seen sales rise both online and in brick & mortar.”

I’m happy with my current online retailers, why should I become a seller and why consider you?

Are your current Amazon sellers doing anything other than selling your products? Are they advertising to bring in more sales? Are they responding to product questions or working to bring in positive reviews? Have they optimized your product listings to bring in more traffic and sales? All you really need is one seller who knows their stuff! Who knows your brand better than you? No one. That’s why you should sell online and be the sole seller. The beauty is, when you partner with us we’ll do all of the above and more, plus manage your listings, so you’ll actually have LESS work to do with Amazon with MORE success! Another huge reason? You’ll sell your products at retail price and capture 100% of the profit.

Can you only help with Amazon-related issues?

No, our expertise allows us to help your brand well beyond the Amazon marketplace. Our ability to provide professional product images and write copy that sells is applicable to any online marketplace. Not only that, but our ability to increase your brand exposure and optimize your online brand presentation also influences brick & mortar sales as more and more physical store shoppers look at products online first.

Why is Amazon vital to my brand's overall success?

A recent study showed that about 55% of product searches start on Amazon.com. That study was before the unprecedented surge in online shopping due to a major shift in work and shopping habits that grew out of Covid-19 restrictions. As restrictions begin to ease and a “new normal” emerges with a reality of more people continuing to work from home, a significant and sustained increase in online shopping is here for the longer term. Don’t be the brand that misses the boat. Even if your brand is D2C, you should be on Amazon.

What separates you from other online retailers and resellers?

Most online retailers simply want to sell your product for a quick buck and that’s all they care about. Bluntly, they add no value to your brand and in some cases can hurt it. Instead, we focus on adding tons of value, building intimate, mutually beneficial relationships. We treat your brand as if it is our own. We work in tandem with you to ensure that all of the pieces are in place for long-term success. We succeed when you succeed.