Amazon Success Made Simple

The TugPower expands your brand’s power and reach while driving sales growth on Amazon. We provide full-service brand management consulting focusing on 1) optimizing your online presence; 2) increasing exposure to, and raising the visibility of your brand and products; 3) brand protection and control; 4) managing your brand’s online selling account; and 5) driving sales growth and maximizing revenue potential.

A brand owner who is truly passionate about their brand and cares about their online presence needs a specialist like The TugPower who understands the ever evolving habits of the online shopper, and can push through the confusing, complex, and mysterious processes of When you partner with us we ensure that our interests are 100% aligned. We develop customized comprehensive strategic plans that guide our work as we implement changes that maximize your brand’s performance on today’s top online marketplace. As the saying goes, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”